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Since Infuze HSE was conceptualized 5 years ago and now established in 2016, We aimed to offer the finest OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH (OSH) SPECIALIST TRAINING PROGRAM (ONSHORE/OFFSHORE) that will enhance student’s knowledge and skill set in the field of Onshore and Offshore safety.

Now that is a reality for you as well!
Our programs aim to highlight the roles of a Safety Professional and enable them to make use of important procedures and some effective techniques to eliminate and minimize the presence of hazards that can cause injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

Our Students will be trained and guided accordingly not just by trainers, but industry professionals that work with us and have experienced working as a Safety Professional in a sub-contractor, main contractor and client side roles in the Oil and Gas industries around the Gulf Area.

With our knowledge of the job in the Industry, we supply our trainees with tailor-fitted courses and cutting edge topics,lessons and methods to cover their future scope of work as a Safety Representative.

Successful completion of our programs lead to employment in various industries overseas!


So if you are looking for a career in this industry and a solid skill set?

We are here for you!


Open to all who wants to pursue a career in Safety.

This is your chance and Enroll in our 9 Day Safety Training Programs!


We are Accredited, Approved and Recognized by International Organizations.

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